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Fresh Five #6: The Spirit of Service, with Rob Lingle

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Well friends… even the most joyous festivities must come to an end – and we now find ourselves at that point with this five-year-anniversary celebration. But who better to close us out than Rob Lingle? 🎉

Here is the final Fresh Five: The Spirit of Service, with Rob Lingle.

Rob is a constant example of ‘servant leadership.’ Time and time again, Rob is there: volunteering, pitching in, helping out, with no major fanfare. Rob leads by example as he coaches teams into ever higher levels of respect, collaboration, and improved outcomes…with leadership playing a role of empowerment and service. In my own work, Rob inspires me to continually de-center myself, and instead find ways to help teams in alignment with their own unique needs and opportunities.

What does “agility” mean to Rob? →

1 - commitment to validating assumptions

2 - continuously improving how we do things

3 - boldly acknowledging sunk cost and changing direction as necessary

4 - solving problems iteratively

Enjoy a glimpse into Rob’s spirit of service!

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