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I'm Betsy Irizarry, the founder of FreshTilt. I am a Business Agility and Organizational Effectiveness coach who works with teams and organizations as they pursue better customer outcomes and improved ways of working.  I have a proven track record of working cross-functionally as a facilitator, trainer, and coach who helps align people, systems, and processes to achieve challenging goals.

Perhaps more importantly, I have a true passion for people and partnership: I love getting to know people and seeking to understand their context, so that we can work together to find the most effective approaches that lead to the best outcomes for them.

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The FreshTilt Story

I started FreshTilt in 2017 with a vision to help teams find their “fresh perspective.”  We achieve this by working together to look at problems and opportunities from different angles, experimenting with different practices, and drawing from different experiences and fields of thought.  


My personal passion for “fresh perspectives” has been a constant theme throughout my life as I have pursued a broad range of educational, professional, and personal experiences. Throughout my career I have worked in various roles and organizational units across different industries… higher education, telecommunications, financial services, payments technology, legal tech, transportation tech, healthcare insurance, and e-commerce/retail. I am at a happy point in my life where this medley of experiences aligns with my core values of connection, creativity, collaboration, exploration, and experimentation… and they all work in harmony in ways that benefit my clients during FreshTilt consulting engagements!


FreshTilt is uniquely qualified to help you find your fresh perspective based on our distinctive approach: we start by listening closely and seeking to understand your opportunities, goals, and team dynamics. Then, we work with you to create a customized and responsive engagement plan. We partner with our FreshTilt community of collaborators - which covers a broad range of experience and expertise - to ensure we are providing the right talent at the right time, thoughtfully assembling a team of experts for each engagement. In this way, we provide a seamless experience to our clients while ensuring the perfect skillset mix to deliver on your project goals. We will work with you to test and learn, co-create, and find the best fit of mindset, practices, and ways of working which will help you succeed for the long haul.


We look forward to helping you find your Fresh Perspective!


I would love to hear about your recent wins and your current challenges.  What you're learning, and what you're sharing.  Where you're growing, and where you're stuck. Let's connect!

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