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Fresh Five #5: Professional Coaching, with Becky Farone

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Next up in the "Fresh Five" conversations is Professional Coaching, with Becky Kaplan Farone.

Becky recently earned her Professional Coach certification through the Co-Active Training Institute, which is widely recognized as a rigorous professional coach training and certification program. (Congrats, Becky!)

This is not about “agile” – it is about one-on-one, individual, professional coaching. Last fall I had Becky as my coach while I worked through a period of clarification and transition, and I really appreciated how she held the coaching space in an engaging and effective way. Her coaching approach inspires and motivates me to consider different angles as I move from ideas into action in my life and my work.

What does “agility” mean to Becky? → She reflects on the Plan-Do-Check-Adjust loop, and how viewing things as experiments is an effective and forgiving way to learn together, have courage, treat each other with respect… and be really open about what we experience along the way.

Enjoy a glimpse into Becky’s thoughts on coaching!

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