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Fresh Five #3: Curiosity and Confidence, with Carol Smith

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Next up in FreshTilt’s 5-year anniversary celebration is Fresh Five 3: Curiosity and Confidence, with Carol J. Smith.

Fresh Five is a series of “5-ish”-minute conversations with just a few of the professional collaborators who have inspired me over the past 5 years, in hopes of giving a glimpse into their awesomeness and spreading the inspiration even further.

Carol’s UX career and industry thought leadership are very impressive. Soon after I had first connected with Carol, we met up so I could pick her brain about her career path. I was just getting started with FreshTilt, and I was personally feeling a lot of insecurity. During our conversation, she generously shared some simple but profound advice that helped me shift my mindset away from drowning in impostor syndrome, to more confidently embracing curiousity and stepping into my own. In addition to the steady stream of inspiration that comes from watching Carol over time, I still draw inspiration from that specific conversation we had: the ideas of curiosity and confidence are foundational to my own work.

What does “agility” mean to Carol? → It is about understanding that software exists in living, complex systems with people, and thus software needs to be continuously adjusted and updated for people to continue to use it well.

Enjoy a glimpse into Carol’s thoughts on curiosity and confidence!

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