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Fresh Five #2: Mindful Problem-Solving, with Ryan Knoblauch

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

To continue FreshTilt’s 5-year anniversary celebration, here comes Fresh Five #2: Mindful Problem-Solving, with Ryan Knoblauch.

Fresh Five is a series of “5-ish”-minute conversations with just a few of the professional collaborators who have inspired me over the past 5 years. The idea is to shine a light on their awesomeness, in hopes of sharing and spreading the inspiration even further! 💡

Ryan takes a very thoughtful approach to work and problem-solving. I am consistently impressed by his solid and clear ideas, and by the fact that he regularly seeks feedback and input from others as he refines his work. Seeing how he takes this mindful, humble, and strategic approach inspires me to try to do the same in my work.

What does “agility” mean to Ryan? → Humans coming together collectively to make informed decisions while learning by doing.

Enjoy a glimpse into Ryan’s thoughts on mindful problem-solving, slowing down to speed up, and keeping humans front and center in all we do!

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