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Fresh Five #1: Create the Things You Wish Existed, with Leigh Solomon Pugliano

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Hi friends! Guess what - November 2022 marked the 5 year anniversary of FreshTilt! 🎉 As a way to celebrate this anniversary - I’m happy to announce “Fresh Five.”

As I reflect on the past 5 years, I feel enormous gratitude for the people who have supported and inspired me along the way. Fresh Five is a series of “5-ish”-minute conversations with just a few of the professional collaborators who have inspired me over the past 5 years. The idea is to shine a light on their awesomeness, in hopes of sharing and spreading the inspiration even further.

Please enjoy Fresh Five 1: Create the Things You Wish Existed, with Leigh Solomon Pugliano.

Leigh inspires me in so many ways…among them is the fact that Leigh is an incredible creator. A few of her recent creations include The Equity | Impact Center, The SCALE Fellowship Program, and the Transformative Leader Program. She embodies originality, impact, and joy in her work. Seeing how Leigh experiments with different ideas and creates new things in alignment with her core values and goals gives me confidence, motivation, and inspiration to try to do the same in my work.

What does “agility” mean to Leigh? → It is being able to move through the moment by having enough knowledge coupled with an innovative mind.

Enjoy a glimpse into Leigh’s thoughts and advice on creating new things!

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